Doug Brendel is a playwright, novelist, essayist, actor, speaker, and humanitarian. His latest work is the stage comedy Best If Used By. Doug’s hilarious novel Praying for Mrs. Mombasa and his debut novel Pleasure and Power have won multiple awards.

He also writes “The Outsidah” at Outsidah.com, an occasional dose of lighthearted commentary on life in small-town New England from the viewpoint of a newcomer. “The Outsidah” became a springboard for Doug’s popular Only in Ipswich books, which also include Doug’s fanciful cartoon illustrations.

Doug works professionally as a copywriter of direct mail fundraising letters for non-profit organizations.

Doug and his wife, the stage director Kristina Grundmann, lead the humanitarian charity New Thing in Belarus. They have three children. Doug holds a degree in Social Science from Evangel University.

Doug is a popular speaker for all sorts of groups.


The Outsidah: Learn more

New Thing was established by Doug and Kristina Brendel in 2002 to help people in need in the Republic of Belarus, in the former USSR. New Thing helps children and adults in need in Belarus and more: Learn more